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Pike fishing in the North

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Pike fishing in the North

Given that the pike (Esox Lucius) is Sweden most popular sport fish, so it is not surprising that the pike fishing in the North is growing and getting bigger and bigger. This long and green species has long been seen as a trash fish by locals, given that it is a high-level predator, which in their eyes eat up the salmonids. More and more people are beginning to see the value in the pike and its predatory behavior. Especially in these larger individuals who hold the stock of the small pikes. It is these large pikes that many of us anglers in this big country is looking for. The stories, tall tales and rumors of the large and powerful pikes of Northern Sweden are many. But why let it stay there, we know it's more than just rumors. Pike fishing in Northern Sweden rules!

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The charm of pike fishing in Northern Sweden is that there is still so unexplored. There are so many water that is not proven. There's more water than there are anglers. Instead of standing in a queue number and fish in a shoal by other fishing boats, then you have this chance to enjoy the water completely in peace. Fishing pressure is not as great and you no crowding. That you also may be absent in wonderful nature is just a flavor to life. In rivers like Lule River, Råne River and Kalix River catches every year large pike, by knowledgeable as well as inexperienced. These rivers are all great and there is room to go around for everyone. Not to forget the great lakes in Arjeplog, as Horavan, Uddjaure and Storavan.

Pike is a fish that eats different amounts throughout the year. In spring, before the spawn it would happily eat up to cope with the stressful reproduction. Pike fishing in Northern Sweden is not so simple at this time, given that the ice still remains in most places. If you want to achieve these roms priestess ladies are ice fishing for them last time, just as the ice. After the pikes spawning time, in late May, begins the many pike fishermen have been waiting for – the after spawn fishing. This fishery is really rewarding, when the pike are often really hungry after the spawn and want to eat quickly, before the summer and the heat arrives. During the summer, the small pikes becomes active and you can experience an incredibly exciting fishing at the surface. The big pike becomes slower and harder to cheat to bite. But when the nights are getting chilly and it obscures properly in the evenings begin even the big pike hunt more, and then eat a lot in the fall. Fall fishing in September and October are the best. Now, all the pikes eat as much food as they can, to as painless as possible to cope with the long, cold winter.

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Pike fishing in the North
Fine summer pike caught in Northern Sweden. Photo: Henrik Rånman

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