Camper – Pike

Here you will find all of our camps for pike fishing. So far, there are not many pure pike fishing camps in Sweden, and especially in the North. Northern Sweden and Norrbotten has a lot to offer current pike fishing.
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Now we sew on Fishing in Northern Sweden together camps for pike fishing on the really good places. You have the chance to catch lots of pike, while the big monsters always lurking. Pike fishing Camper in northern Sweden offers both famous and lesser-known sites. We always try to put our camper at major water for sustainable fishing tourism.

We work constantly to find new pike fishing camps and destinations to suit our guests. We want to offer a variety of environments and several different kinds of fish. It should suit the angler who is looking for big pike, or holiday fisherman who might be looking for an awesome popper fishing pike attack and flies up above the water surface. Stay tuned as more and maybe cooler places to go!

Pike Fishing Camp Råne

Here we offer accommodation on a houseboat just a few minutes boat ride away from Råneå mouth of the Gulf of Bothnia. This place is known for its incredible fishing for both large and many pikes. Here you can fish with fly, jerk or spin in shallow water. Most people who visit this pike fishing camp will return home with wonderful memories in your luggage.

Camper - Gäddfiske

Camper – Pike

Fiskecamp Arjeplog

Arjeplog är känt för sina enorma sjöar med mängder av fisk i, inte minst gädda. I dessa stora vatten fångas varje år riktiga krokodiler till gäddor. Norrbottens största gäddor simmar i dessa vatten, undoubtedly!

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Fishing Camp Råne River
Stor gädda från Fiskecamp Råneälven

At camp Råne river you live on the water with a sauna and a nice view. The boat is adjacent accommodation just a few hundred yards from the river's mouth and pike paradise!

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